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Total Digital Inclusion is a Community Interest Company (in formation) which is formalising services such as Technology Training for the Elderly in particularly for the older generation, “Art for Wellness”, Art and Craft Classes being delivered to Adults, Children, able bodied and disabled, young adults with Special Needs both online and now in some cases, face to face which are already being delivered for the past four years, and adding our Daniel’s Dementia Cafes which is a support and social enterprise dealing with anyone effected by Dementia in any way.

Daniel Walsh PhD FInstSMM

Managing Director at Total Digital Inclusion CIC

Edgware, England

United Kingdom

Esperanza  Walsh, MBA 

Director Of Operations at Total Digital Inclusion

Edgware, England

United Kingdom

Ecclesiastes Lewis Walsh

Director of Marketing and Technology

Edgware, England

United Kingdom

Our History

Art from the Heart is a program we currently have for young people, supported and funded by St. Augustine's Church in Colindale.

There has been a positive outcome throughout the program. There has been a consistent increase in the number of participants. This includes the retention of most of the previous participants, as well as the interest brought about by new participants.

It has been an effective after school activity, creating a healthy, productive,
art-based environment. The children were very happy getting together after class and doing art activities together. The parents accompanying the children were very supportive in bringing them to the sessions.

There were also activities during half term which involved art activities having both the child and his/her parent/guardian. Such events were meant to encourage a closer relationship between the child and his/her parent.
They also give the parents/guardian the opportunity to understand the activities the children engage in during the regular sessions and how such activities impact them.

Selected artworks created by the participants are displayed in the St.
Augustine’s Church gallery wall to showcase the participants’ talent, skills and effort in creating the piece.

Lockdown has changed how the sessions are delivered, the logistics of the
materials and the age and gender of participants. The delivery of the sessions has been changed from face to face to online. The sessions are currently being conducted via zoom video conferencing.

The online sessions are different, and at first, very challenging, but similar to
the face to face sessions, it has its advantages. It gives the parents and the children an opportunity to do things together and reinforce their bond. 

The program remains open online for all young people ages 6 to 16.





We began by helping elderly people in the neighborhood as private individuals.

Launch of Art from the Heart  at OneStonegrove, running art activities  for the community through the support of Rev. Simon Rea of St. Peter's Church.

Launch of Art from the Heart  at Art for Wellness for Adults at St. Augustine's Church in Colindale through the support of Father Joseph Gabor of St. Augustine's Church.

Launch of TDi, extending the offerings to technology-based services and reach of current services with special focus on dementia inclusivity.

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